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    I will add more to this list, as more questions gets asked! But for now, this is all I have~

    Q: What is the Quest System?

    A: The Quest System is a number of task that a new member can complete for points.

    Q: What is the Quest System for?

    A: It is to help new members get to know the forum better. It encourages them to be more aggressive and make more friends on the forum. Some tasks also teaches about the forum's rule, to ensure that they are not to be broken.

    Q: Do you have to complete all the quests?

    A: No, you can do one quest and stop. Doing quests are completely optional. But if you want to have points for quest 5, you'll have to do quest 1-4 first.

    Q: Do they have to be done in order?

    A: Yes, or at least they should be submitted in order by your senpai.

    Q: Will I get points for doing single tasks?
    A: No. Points are only given out for complete quests, not single tasks. If a task has been done before the kouhai joined the quest system it still counts as done and the quest can be reported as completed.

    Q: How much assistance (hints) are senpai allowed to give to their kouhai?

    A: I am not strict on hinting, but as long as the senpai doesn't give away the answer it's fine. Some quests such as Quest 5, are harder. Since these quests don't have a specific answer, the senpai can give full on assistance to teach them how to do the quests.

    Q: For the Quest completion thread: Do I have to wait until all quests are done to post the kouhai's info there?

    A: No, you can post a completion form as soon as the kouhai has finished one quest completely. That means the kouhai has to have done all tasks required in the quest.

    Q: For the Quest completion thread: Should I do one post per kouhai or put them both on one post?

    A: You can put both kouhai in one post. However, the senpai must fill out one form per kouhai.

    Q: Is there a possibility to display the quests in some form of checklist, so that you can see your progress and can look for them in a central place?

    A: Unfortunately, this is not in my power to do. I can't make a checklist on the forum and have already tried looking for a good one off forum. So far, I have yet to find a good check list website that provides the same check list for everybody who needs one. If you find one, please let me know!

    Q: Where should the kouhai make their wishlist?

    A: They should make a wishlist in the wishlist thread. If they want, they can make one in their profile too. However, the quest requires the kouhai to make the wishlist in the wishlist thread.

    Q: Can you do the quests again?

    A: No. You can only do the quests once After doing the quests, you should have more knowledge about the forum! Maybe even enough to graduate from the Buddy System! This rule may change.

    Q: Do you have to do all the Quest 6's to proceed to Quest 7?

    A: No, you do not have to. However, if your kouhai wants to, he/she can do all the quest 5's for more points.
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