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  1. Shanni
    After trying out the Quest System, what do you think? What are the flaws?

    Give me all the pro and con~

    If your a kouhai, state so. If your a Senpai, state so.
  2. mommidono
    senpai- mommidono here...

    QUESTION: how much assistance are we allowed to give the kouhai? I stuck with hints only for the first few tasks, but, for the more advanced tasks, can we offer more than hints?

    for the Quest completion thread: do I have to wait until all quests are done to post the kouhai's info there? OR can I post more than once for the same kouhai as the quests are finished?
    ALSO, should I do one post per kouhai or put them both on one post?
    (nightskypromise is done with Quest 1 & Quest 2 & some of Quest 3, aigy is done with Quest 1, so I was just wondering when I should list their progress in the completion thread?)

    FEEDBACK: I did notice that the numbering of the quests with 1, 2, 3 for Quest 1 and 1, 2, 3, 4 for Quest 2... well, we had a minor mixup of tasks because of it. perhaps the numbers of the tasks can be unique?
    Quest 1 (title) task 1,2,3 Quest 2 (title) task 4,5,6,7 etc...
    OR label them with the quest #& use letter for task...
    Quest 1 (title) tasks 1a, 1b, 1c Quest 2 (title) tasks 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d
    OR label with quest # & task #...
    Quest 1 (title) task 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Quest 2 (title) tasks 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4...
    OR just skip the task numbers completely!

    I have to say, this is making me feel like a true senpai of the forums! and it is a fun way to get to know a bit about my kouhai's preferences, which will also help me, in turn, to direct them to things on the site that would interest them! such a wonderful idea! and an idea... We should have badges for quest completion, too! or like a graduation certificate... or a senpai stamp of aproval
  3. nightskypromise
    Hi mommi! Haha, ok well I also think it would be a good idea to make the task numbering more individualized between each quest. I accidently read the directions for the second task for quest 3 instead of quest 2. I like mommi's example: "Quest 1 (title) task 1,2,3 Quest 2 (title) task 4,5,6,7 etc." Because it would help decrease the chance of doing a task of the same number for the wrong quest... or maybe I'm just not very good at these things. xD

    Also I have a concern about Quest 2, task 1.

    Quest 2 - Getting to Know the Forums - 4000 points
    -Task 2-
    Using the forum's Search Function to search for something

    That was the task info on the quest draft I got from my senpai, and so I did a basic forum search with a keyword, but afterward found out that my senpai has to give me a specific item to search for. So, I think that it should be added to the task info saying that your senpai has to give you something to search for, so people will know ahead of time.

    Okay, time for the positive feedback!
    First off, I originally had no Idea that this forum offered different styles, and I don't think that I would've ever found that on my own! I love the Blue Fantasy one I also didn't know you could seach in the fictions either, but I guess I've only wandered in there a few times so far. Knowing how to use the search functions is quite useful, though. Basically what I'm trying to say is, I actually figured out a couple useful things, and that's the one of the main points of this, right!
  4. Shanni

    Labeling the tasks in the number order is a very good idea! Thank You for suggesting it! I will go tack that on now!

    About hinting to your kouhai... I think you can decide how much you want to hint. Just don't give away the answer. The quests are relatively easy in the first few quest. Quest 5's you can give more assistance in. All 4 quests under Quest 5 doesn't have a specific answer. So help them as much as you can~

    As for the completion thread. You can submit quests after the kouhai has finished them... so as in if they finished Quest 1...you can submit a form for just Quest 1... or if he has finished Quest 1, 2, & 3...you can submit a form for all 3 quests. So it really depends on the kouhai and his speediness

    Please submit a different form for each kouhai, but you can do it in the same post

    I hope that answers your questions. XD I welcome the questions, because I'm writing an introduction to the Quest System soon and I need to know what people don't understand

    oOOoOoooo I love that idea, the badge XD...graduation certificate is interesting too Senpai Stamp of Approval :O.... XD like for how the kouhai did?

    Thank You for such a positive review! I am glad that this quest is letting you help your kouhai~ That means this is (so far) a success


    I liked that example too Will change it right after I reply

    lol XD I think it's written on there, that the senpai should give the kouhai something to search for. wow... yes this is a good idea.. I should have a thread with the Quest List in it LOL! I CAN'T BELIEVE I DON'T HAVE ONE! Thanks for reminding me!

    I knew the changing forum theme is something people would miss! It's right at the bottom... and I never knew about it either til I fiddled with it once

    I'm really glad you found these Quests helpful! It makes me super duper happy!
  5. mommidono
    I just noticed... posting an introduction is not on the quest list?
  6. Shanni

    Most of the kouhai that signed up had already posted an Introduction... The kouhai sign-up page is located in the Introduction part of the forums and the kouhai found out about the AarinBuddy system through senpai advertising in their intro threads.

    I thought of that already, and thought better not to, because many of the kouhai has already done this task
  7. aigy
    hi, i also like to say a few words about the quest system.

    i really do think that it is a good idea and it helped me a lot to get active.

    it really shows you that aarinfantasy is not just a Internet forum but a big living community with loads of things to do.

    The aarinbuddy quest system even encouraged me to write an introduction which I didn't wanted to do in the first place. The reason for this is that i am usually more passive when it comes to Internet platforms like forums or facebook - I do mostly reading, not writing!

    Question: Is there a possibility to display the quests in some form of checklist, so that you can see your progress and can look for them in a central place? If you want to do a quest you always have to search for the message with the quest list your senpai sent you at the beginning.
  8. angyal
    Just a short feedback. So far, i really like the quest system, because it shows all the important things to a kouhai quickly.
    I had to learn all of that slooooooooowly^^

    A suggestion: Maybe we could make subscribing to a thread a task too? I find it really useful
  9. angyal
    I have a question about the last task in quest three.
    SHould the kouhais make a wishlist in their profile or post to the wishlist thread?
  10. mommidono
    I lucked out with 2 kouhai that were already very knowledgeable with computers... but, I could see where even they learned a lot by doing the quests... & doing the tasks helped them explore the things on the site that interested them.

    I like how each task requires new members to check out the various sections of the site. & the variety of tasks, if all are accomplished, ensures that they are able to navigate, search, post, and generally perform any functions necessary to participate in the forums.

    I can see where some new members may be reluctant to start posting so soon... *I was very shy about it at 1st... perhaps add a quest that introduces the new members to each other & teaches them something about the formatting tools for a post? maybe have a kouhai trial & error thread in the social group specifically for the kouhai to use for the task?

    also, I think keeping this thread or one similar in the quest group would be a good idea! 1st post can list FAQs already answered? it can be used as an extra place for help when the senpai isn't immediately available to answer questions.

    thanks for letting us participate in this beta-run for the quest system!
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