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  1. Halite75
    I think Quest 2, Task 4 needs to be re-written to be more helpful in learning the functions of the Bank. Here is what I have my kouhai do:

    Task 4: Bank system
    Now is the time to practice using the banking system. If you click on the Bank tab, it will take you to the Bank.

    By looking at your About Me info, I can see you have:

    Points 200,000
    Savings 414,570

    You earn 1,000 points every day that you login to the forum. These are automatically deposited in your "Savings." In order to buy cards, you need to have the points you want to spend in the Points part of your bank account. I want you to practice moving points from your Savings to Points. VERY IMPORTANT: When you write a number involving points (transferring in your account or sending to other people) you DO NOT use any commas or periods. Write 1,000 as 1000, 5,000 as 5000, etc.

    Move 10,000 points from your Savings to Your Points. Click on Bank. Click on points number by the word Savings. A box will open. Change To Account to Points and change From Account to Savings. In the box that says Amount type 10000. Click Submit.

    If you want to send points to a person here at AF, you can do so in the Bank by clicking on the word Change in the pop-up box and typing the name of the person you want to send points to. You can also do this when you see a person's post and click on the number that indicates the number of Points or Savings they have.
  2. shiroo
    hi, kouhai here
    actually i'm in my last quest
    and i would like to give feedback of course thank you for creating ABS and the quest
    it's really help me to know more about AF, and of course thank you my senpai bronakopdin. this system is fun because it's like a game.
    sometimes is really fast for me to complete the task and sometime it's take a while. but i enjoy it. first my senpai and i was in awkward situation because i'm not confidence in my self but my senpai remind me and noe our communication was better i think
    Question? i don't think i have for now and if i have one i'll ask my senpai
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