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  1. Kalypso
    Hi guys, I have a question about Quest 5. Since there are 4 different themes for Quest 5, does the kouhai have to do them all () or just one of those to advance to Quest 6?
    thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Shanni
    @Kalypso You only have to complete 1 of the Quest 5 to go to Quest 6. However, your kouhai can do more than 1 quest 5 to get more points

    I will update this question on FAQs page
  3. MiraiKurosaki
    Edit: Shammi swooshed. ^^
  4. Kalypso
    cool, thanks! btw, my kouhai and I are having a great time doing this!
  5. Kalypso
    Hi there guys! I have a question concerning Quest 6D task 31. Does it have to be original art or can my kouhai also submit a fan art he made?
    thanks in advance for your help!
    EDIT: and one more question. If the kouhai wants to do more of Quest 6 than just one quest, is it possible to do only certain tasks or does he have to do the whole quest?
    I hope you understand my question
  6. MiraiKurosaki
    Hi Kalypso. Sorry for the slight delay in response.

    The art can be either original or fanart. As for your second question, each quest 6 must be fully completed. So, while your kouhai only has to do one quest 6 (like 6D), they are welcome to do, for example, 6A as well but in entirety. Your kouhai cannot do quest 6A, task 23 and 24 to get points. He must do the entire thing (tasks 23, 24, and 25) to get points.

    Hope that helps ^^ Feel free to ask for any further clarification.
  7. UKIdiot
    Hello, I'm Kalypso's kouhai. I just wanted to leave feedback on the quest system. I must say it has been a fun experience and is very rewarding to learn most if not all of the forum functions. I can now easily navigate around the forum freely and not have to worry about what I can do and how to do it. It has really helped me to become a more active member of the community and I hope to be able to help others who are new just like I was some day in the future. Thank you.
  8. MiraiKurosaki
    Hello, UKIdiot! Your progress was fantastic and it's wonderful to hear you found the quest system helpful! I hope you stay active Thanks so much for the feedback!
  9. Laraski48
    Senpai Lara here :P

    When will the Quest List be up again? And i saw that some are already put up forms of their kouhais completing the quests, so can i already start Quest List my other kouhai or will we have to wait till it's up again?
  10. SailorShipper
    I want to say thank you for the quest system. It realy encoraged me to be more then a lurker. Something I tend to do when I join a site. rou was a lot of help and defently was able to put up with my none computer savy self.

    Some of the quests were more tricky for others, but mostly because of my shy natuer. Thanks for thinking this up as a way to learn about the forum.
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