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  1. Shanni

    I'm glad it showed you so the goods of aarin It's good to get aggressive (in a good way ) in an online community sometimes~ XD it's a good way to make friends!

    About the checklist...I'm afraid that I don't have the power to do that on the forum. I may be able to do it, if I do it on an external site. Would you be interested in that?

    Also, there is a Quest List thread in this social group, so you don't have to find the post that your senpai gave you each time! That would be too troublesome. Should I rename the Quest List page?... Is it confusing?


    It's great you find it useful ~ Your suggestion is great, I will try and fit it somewhere in the official quest system launch, but as an optional task. Hope that's okay

    Also, about the wishlist, have the kouhai make it in the Wishlist Thread. This is a great question Now I know this needs clarifying!


    lol mommi~ you already posted a feedback, but thanks for posting again XD Hope I didn't force you through the PM I sent everybody :O ...!

    Thank You for the positive feedbacks

    I will add the Introduction thing as an optional task, since some kouhai have already done it. This needs discussing...as to weather the kouhai who have already posted should get points or not. Or make it an optional task that doesn't give extra points, but would the kouhai still want to do it?

    I will get to writing the FAQs I plan to write a senpai quest list... as in clarifying what to do for each task, and how to guide the kouhai along.

    and thank you for participating in the beta run!
  2. Sollarius
    Ah, sorry I'm a bit late in writing this review.
    I give the quest system 5/5 stars! It was a lot of fun to get to meet my senpai and talk about things.
    I also really enjoyed how helpful she was by informing me about a lot of things I had questions for. The quest system really helped me learn my way around the site a little more, and as aigy said, it shows you aarinfantasy has much more in store than one might think.
    I didn't do as many of the quests I probably could have, because my attention was directed elsewhere in life; however, I highly enjoyed what I did get done, and will most likely do it again when the system launches.
    Thank you for allowing me to participate in the beta.
  3. Hudbroza
    Haha, I have to agree to what my kouhai said. ^^
    The system is very good (apart from the numbering-issues that have been cleared) and as long as Sollarius had time to participate, he was eager to do the tasks and seemed very content.
    I'm ready to do this again (and again) once the system is officially up. ^^
  4. Kadaj_chan
    the post..does it have to be in anime discussion thread? not anime portal for example? XD
  5. Shanni
    @kadaj Just discuss an anime, in an anime discussion thread. Any thread will be fine...as long as it belongs in the anime discussion part of the forum.
  6. angyal
    I just noticed that we have no quest for the chat.
    It could be anothe rpossibility for branching out. Branching out for spammers or something.
    First make them read the chat rules (There are some somewhere, right?) and then enter the chat.
  7. Shanni
    @angyal :O This is a very good suggestion. I will think about adding this somewhere? XD

    How about suggesting it to your kouhai for now?
  8. MiraiKurosaki
    This is a suggestion by mommidono. I'm reposting it here so the other mods can look at it

    Other: I was thinking another handy thing to learn... saving your PMs or VMs to your own computer files & then cleaning up your Aarinfantasy inbox folder... I know I need to do this every once in a while because we have limited storage here and the VM pages can get quite long...
  9. angyal
    As we want our kouhais to get to know the forum better maybe we should add a "that does not belong to the ABS system" to the task about joining a social group in quest 6.
    The ABS groups have more than 50 members now and I guess the kouhai should join another group.
    If the ABS groups are fine, just ignore my comment^^
  10. Miyosha
    @angyal: We do encourage Kouhai to join the ABS social group, however, it is their choice to join any SG they want for that Quest. The lesson for that Quest is to teach new members how to go about joining Social Groups, let alone understand what they are at a glance. ^^

    @mommidono: I do enjoy the idea of cleaning up space to help the forums, but ABS cannot make this a requirement. Senpai may go out of their way to teach kouhai how to do this, because it does need some explaining (I was confused when I heard about it too). Kouhai will ask many questions like "What's a Soft delete?" or "Why does a message show on my VM board (Post deleted by ______)?" or "Why can't I delete them all at once?"

    Also, I've seen many kouhai VM boards and they don't receive as many messages as older members since they're not exactly "out of the nest" yet. They have maybe 20 pages worth, while we have like 100
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