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  1. sumire007
    I don't know if someone goes to the forum Thread but I was amazed to see music sheets of Maiden Rose! Clicky
  2. sumire007
    Minna-san~ The waiting has an end!(Well for a bit)^^;; Here are a few pages of the new chapter!
    Just look the first panel! Taki and Klaus are holding hands! Kyaaaa~ If you are a member @ 3n5b.com you can even download the whole chapter I would like to downloading myself, but is seems you have to posted already some posts before you can download there something

    Btw This chapter is in from the past, the train chapters, when they arrive in Takis homeland^^
  3. sumire007
    Download here for the whole chapter^^
  4. GothicKitty
    Thank you sooooooooooooooo much <3333333333333333 this made my day!!!!!!!!!
  5. mo0nLech
    oh wow!. . .thank you so much twin-chan <3
    it made me smile, *having a bad day at school*, when i clicked beautiful taki is the first thing i saw hahaha =P
    thank you very much <3
    same as GothicKitty, it really made my day ^-^
  6. MysteryGreenTea
  7. sumire007
    -I think everyone know that leighrikako has finally published the lasted chapter online with again perfect fitting music! Love it
    -The second good news is Inariya-seinsei continues her Tiger and Bunny Dj which is now the 4th Dj of this story and it will be called Limbus. For further notice when it will be released will be posted on her Twitter! A preview can be watched here.
    -The bad news is in the next Aqua Comic issue which will be released on 28th of August won't be a new chapter of Maiden Rose
  8. GothicKitty
    Yeah I saw the new chapter with eng sub *_*
    and I also got to know that there wont be another chapter in the next Aqua issue WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? JUST WHY?!?!?!?
    until the next MR-chapter I have to go to hospital for my last operation.WHAT IF I'LL DIE before seeing the new chapter? :'D
    -guys, you know what to bring with to my funeral

    btw, thanks Sumire for the information <3
  9. Rhiou
    No new chapter in the next Aqua?
    Its a pitty ...
  10. sumire007
    Here is something yummy for you guys^^ The sequel of the Halloween Dj. Just it's a bit short...click
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