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  1. mo0nLech
    sumire-chan!. .. whaa, , , thank you so much for sharing the link ^-^
    gonna read as soon as i can
  2. GothicKitty
    THANKS *_*
    -what do you alll mean with "read"? Am I the only one who can't read chinese o_ô
  3. mo0nLech
    err!!. . . haha!. . .
    i can't read chinese too but,
    looking at the picture give me an excitement!. haha!. . .

    hope there's english translation!. ..
  4. sumire007
    @GothicKitty; Haha well by "read" I mean rather look at the pictures and imagine what could it be what it says
  5. sumire007
    I don't know if I could post it here since the Dj are about Tiger & Bunny but the artist is Inariya-seinsei. She is a part of the DECOPONS group
    To Megatherion

    Mogitate Sky High!

    Plus here are all Maiden Rose Dj's that she ever made (You have to be a member of Nihonnomarou since the translator is member there)
  6. GothicKitty
    That's really nice *-*
    Thank so much <3
    *going to read some while dying for the eng. translation of the 25.ch of MR*
  7. MysteryGreenTea
  8. sumire007
    leighrikako has uploaded the new chapter of Maiden Rose on her Youtube channel! Again with wonderful fitting music! click here
  9. sumire007
    Thanks to MysteryGreenTea for the wonderful news! On Nihonnomarou early this month Rose Alba II was released
    Part II of last year's 'Rosa Alba'.
    The boys go into town with Klaus's old comrade. Taki makes coffee while Klaus reminisces.
    And Enrico...well, who thinks he has a hidden agenda??

    (You have to be a member there to see the links)
  10. GothicKitty
    @sumire007 thank you so much for posting it <3
    I'm really excited about what will happen in the next chapter and what will happen to the dogs °~° ...and taki/Klaus :'D
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