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Graduation List - Report Thread

  1. Shanni
    If your kouhai is ready to graduate. Please tell me here.

    Please do so by filling out the following form.

    Kouhai name : (Please Link to their Profile)
    Quests completeded? : Y/N/Partial
    Comments? :

    Thank You
  2. Kadaj_chan
    my kouhai yaku is ready to graduate
    she is fine by herself ^^
  3. angyal
    my kouhai cmsf5 is pretty graduated as well.
    Of course I will ask her remaining questions if some should arise, but I think I'm ready for one or two new kouhais
  4. Jebus_10
    My kouhai Gemma22 Is ready to Graduate She do Everything alone now Oo I'm Proud of Her
  5. Edokun519
    My kouhai Labrador is more than ready to graduate. She's become a sempai herself and has her own kouhai, even! <3
  6. Miyosha
    Please use the following form! ^^

    Kouhai name : (Please Link to their Profile)
    All of Quest completed? : Y/N
    Comments? :

    Thanks! Helps it keep this organized
  7. krabuzh
    Kouhai name: foreverlove
    All of Quest completed? : never gave her a quest
    Comments? : she's more than ready to graduate from kouhai to be a gorgeous aarin member.. and I'm so proud of her
    she already has one stop shop and a translation thread by herself.. so yeah.. I think it's time for her to release her newbie status
  8. Miyosha
    Kouhai Graduations Submitted & Pending !
  9. natsuhiboshin89
    Kouhai name : crecre
    All of Quest completed? : You bet!
    Comments? : She's my first kouhai and it seems to be that she's doing rather excellently in learning the ropes around the forum. Makes me so proud when she wrote her first fic here.

    Kouhai name : photogenetics
    All of Quest completed? : Not really sure but judging how well she's running her auction and participate in contests, I think she is.
    Comments? : She seems to be doing fine though I wonder if she could bump up her post counts a bit.lol

    Geez, I feel like those old dames who are marrying off their granddaughters to some random match-making websites
  10. Miyosha
    Kouhai Graduates Submitted and Pending!

    Lol!! Doesn't it?! xD
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