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Senpai Hiatus'!

  1. Yoshitaka Karyu
    Yoshitaka Karyu
    I figured that I would at least start this, if at all possible, one, to let others be aware if a senpai has to take leave for a short time (and kohai's can be in the know!) and still be able to keep their connections!

    I, for one, am having a bit of troubles placed on my plate (parents moving out FINALLY and having to clean up after them, broken wood, holes in walls, etc., parenting, and an upcoming convention I work as security for), kind of went "PLOP! HAI!! " so, Damien is panicking, with less than 6 days to have everything completed and cosplays ready.

    At any rate, there is the first post, and Shanni, FT, Miyosha, I am still around! Just. . .got plastered with a lotta junk. LOL

    <33333 Damien a.k.a. Yoshitaka Karyu
  2. angyal
    I'll be gone from 1st of August till 7th of August.
  3. Miyosha
    @Yosh + Everyone:

    Thanks for making this thread xD It does help. But if you're going to be away, please VM both me (or Fataltea) and your kouhai saying that you will be away. Just in case tchan or I don't see this thread in time.
  4. Shanni
    Genius for making this thread! I can't believe I didn't think of this...! So much more convenient! Thanks for making this thread
  5. CuriousHatter
    This is exactly what I need! O:

    @Yoshitaka Karyu, you are a psychic genius! O:

    Okay, I'm going to my dad's for a week tomorrow which wouldn't normally be a big deal except he just called me and told me his internet isn't working. :< And he's in the country, so no internet cafes. :<

    I hate doing this, but could someone take care of my kouhai while I'm gone?

    My kouhai is xxritsukaxsoubixx and I haven't really started any work with her since we've been waiting for the Quest System to get started (she's interested in it) and if I understood correctly, it'll be launched after the 3rd, when the Beta phase ends?

    Anyhow, I'll be back on the 6th of August, so...some love ppls? I haven't seen my papa in two months now and I really miss him and I'd hate to leave my kouhai hanging while I'm away. :<
  6. Miyosha
    @CuriousHatter: I vmed fataltea just now asking if she could ask mommidono to take care of Ritsuka (I woulda done it but I'm gonna be gone the whole day )

    I marked that you'll be gone in the matchup list so you're good to go! Have fun at your dads!! <3
  7. Yoshitaka Karyu
    Yoshitaka Karyu
    ^_^ Glad I can help. Yup, I'll message them, np! I have TsukiHana and bizarredark. <33
  8. commonlogic
    Hey kids!

    Taking an indefinite hiatus (though this will probably only be for a couple of weeks). Will VM my two kouhai sometime tonight and do a final check-in for now, though I'm pretty sure Gabe's fine on his own.

    Will still be around on the forum a bit and reachable by VM and PM if anyone really needs me for anything <333
  9. CuriousHatter
    Letting everyone know I'm back!

    I'm ready to take my kouhai back and get cracking on the questies!

    Should I VM Fataltea or whoever has been taking care of my kouhai to see what they've been up to?
  10. angyal
    I'm aklso back! And my kouhai missed me!
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