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Questions and Answers Thread

  1. Shanni
    Since questions are getting lost in the spam thread, I decided to make a Q&A thread~

    Even if it's something that was asked or said in the spam thread XD... or something you have a question about regarding stuff I said in the spam thread... please post here ... or there... or both places ... since that is still a spam thread It's just that, if you post here, I will not miss it!

    Question Away!
  2. kumi-kun
    Hey hey I was just wondering why the stars around nickname are small? I noticed most people have bigger size stars :3
  3. fataltea
    What do you mean, kumi-kun? The stars around which nickname? o_o
  4. kumi-kun
    The stars around my nickname on the aarinmentor thread. There's a big list of all the senpai's and they have stars around their nickname but some mentors have smaller stars XDDD I thought it was related if people had filled in the new form or not?
  5. Shanni
    lol I will go check it out o__O Sorry to only have replied now!
  6. Shanni
    @kumi-kun I think it might be your screen's problem, because the stars look the same to me :O If your using IE, try looking at it again with firefox (and vice versa)?
  7. kumi-kun
    Maybe it's my browser's cache or something and it doesn't want to refresh properly XDDD
    but it looks like this to me: http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/9210/example32.png (I'm not blind I swear) and sorry for bothering with such a silly question XD I was just really curious!
  8. fataltea
    o_o lol, that's so weird. They all look the same to me on my screen too - which is why I was so confused by your question. I kept looking at that list and was like.. hmm, I must be missing something here.. o_0;
  9. Miyosha
    lol at least you can find yourself easily!
  10. Shanni
    xD there isn't anything I can do on my end to fix it D: sorry~ xD but it is weird o__O
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