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Suggestion Thread

  1. Miyosha
    I'm creating this thread because I see a lot of ideas spreading around in the SPAM thread so please ONLY post ideas you have for the AarinBuddy system in here!

    That way when Shanni gets back we can start working on ideas/suggestions she likes ^^

    Thanks everyone!!
  2. angyal
    I suggested to ask for the time zones people are in.
    It's pretty difficult to teach your kouhais something is they are only online when you're asleep.
  3. Miyosha
    Discussed with fataltea:

    From Me: even though it might help, we have people all over the world on this thing and it's going to make it that much more difficult for us to pair.

    fataltea says:
    I think in a way, that's a good idea, but at the same time.. it's already really friggin hard to match people up sometimes without that added in.
  4. Hisagi90
    I dont think that they would get into such a trouble that they can't wait until you answer even though same time zones would be nice, I think it's okay like that. [Putting aside already the fact that it makes it even harder to match people.]
    And if the kohais really would need help asap, I dont think they would have problems asking someone else
  5. Shanni
    I like the timezone idea o__O... I know it's hard, but I think it would be a good idea to add. I mean we don't have to always take time zone into considerations...

    Will discuss this more with other mods XDDD ... dam I am so out of loop!

    [EDIT]: For the time difference thing.. if there is too much of a difference, we can re-assign. Makes the matching process smoother.
  6. Satomichan
    Maybe an addendum to the time zone thing would be to add a question on the survey if it matters to have one or other in a similar timezone. Time zones can get tricky because a lot of it also depends on when the person is online despite the timezone, so people across the world could interact all the time. I think it should be part of the info provided, but only taken into consideration if the kohai/senpai requests it.
  7. CuriousHatter

    Well, that would be nice, but as for any SANE suggestions I have, let's see...

    OH! How about kouhais grade their senpais after they graduate? >8D It would be completely anonymous, of course and available only to our LEADERZ! xD Like, make a little questionary with all the qualities a good senpai must have and then have the kouhais grade us on each?

    After we get more kouhai per senpai, the GROUP LEADERZZ, can send suggestions to senpais who've gotten lower grades in something on what they can improve. (so it wouldn't be easy to tell which kouhai gave what grade to their senpai. )
  8. Miyosha
    In my own opinion (meaning I haven't talked with t or shanni about it xD) I think the grading system will become a favoritism factor. Plus everyone is different in their teaching methods/style so we won't have something to generally compare it with.

    Also the grading system will depend on what questions the kouhai have. Honestly I don't have any doubts that the senpai on the list will help anyone they can to the best of their ability.

    It's also a reason why we included the "What do you know about the forums" question on the senpai form and "What do you want to know about the forum" question on the kouhai's.
  9. fataltea
    Yeah, the grading system also wouldn't work as well because not all kouhai are active enough to even answer the questionnaire. ^^; Besides, I think giving them quests/tasks and just getting into the forums as a whole is enough for them to handle at once. We value all of our senpai and believe that you all deserve an A+++++ anyway. XD
  10. Shanni
    I just thought about this... but how about Random Senpai Spotting Contest :O

    you like the one that aarin runs...cept the prizes won't be as big XD

    ... and I won't do them everyday... well I'll do them when I come on

    XD how's about that?

    I'll do kouhai random pick as well
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