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Suggestion Thread

  1. Miyosha
    That sounds fun!! XDD
  2. spirited_soul
    Um, I know this came up in the sempai support thread but I suggest that kouhai are told that when they get asssiged to a sempai that they introduce themselves so we will know if they are still around or MIA.
  3. fataltea
    When I tell a kouhai that they've been matched, my little copy+paste script says they should feel free to introduce themselves. ^^ I figure, if the senpai communicates with the kouhai and doesn't get a response, then that kouhai wouldn't have reached out anyway.

    Please feel free to drop by your senpai's profile page and leave a comment to introduce yourself.
  4. kinsugi
    As a new senpai I will confess I've been more confused finding my way around Aarin Buddy System than finding my way around Aarinfantasy forums. There are so many different parts! I'm going to try to make constructive suggestions where I can.

    MY MAJOR CONFUSION coming on board as a senpai:
    Multiple social/chat threads... social thread for the Quest, the ABS forum this discussion thread is in, the chat thread for the entire group. I somehow ended up in the Quest social group, and when I saw Shanni's note that we can't join the social group until after we sign up for the Quest, I waited for my kouhai, missed out on socializing and felt kind of isolated during that time. Somehow all those different groups and threads could use more clarity for people first entering, whether newbie or longtime Aariner.

    SUGGESTION for mod consideration:

    I suggest changing the unordered lists of links for senpai and kouhai into flow charts that put the links in order, with a separate flow chart for kouhai and senpai. An actual, visual flow chart would have nice boxes and arrows, and links as needed. I think this might give a better idea of progression and greater clarity about the different forums. (edited excess yadda yadda)

    Hope this is useful for discussion!
  5. kinsugi
    Re: time zones (discussed awhile back)
    I hope to overlap with my current kouhai during early mornings. I think it might be rare for there NEVER to be overlap, but it's a great topic for early discussion with one's kouhai. I'd discuss a partner change with kouhai only if we couldn't ever manage to talk directly.

    Those of us in U.S. do seem to have a hard time connecting. When I stayed up all night I noticed there was a peak of activity in the middle of my night. The next few hours are great for me... but AF is quiet; people are asleep now from Europe to the Middle East, and at work during their day from China to Indonesia and Australia. But it's so much fun talking with people from all over the world... it's one of the things I love most on AF! So I'd try hard to make it work across time zones before trying to make a change.

    EDIT: Thanks to the mods for their hard work. This was meant to support the idea of not trying to match time zones. I'll learn to be clearer, and avoid adding comments on outdated topics.
  6. Miyosha
    Regarding time zones: This was the very first thing suggested in this thread.
    "From Me: even though it might help, we have people all over the world on this thing and it's going to make it that much more difficult for us to pair.

    fataltea says:
    I think in a way, that's a good idea, but at the same time.. it's already really friggin hard to match people up sometimes without that added in."

    Regarding Lists:
    The mods will discuss this suggestion.
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