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MIA Kouhai

  1. Shanni
    If you have a kouhai that appears to be "missing in action" please tell us about them here~

    Only post after the kouhai has been missing for more than 7 days!

    Just posting once is good XD... don't spam, this thread will help me keep track of who still needs a kouhai.
  2. angyal
    When do we consider them MIA?
    WHen they don't reply in 3 days, 5 days, a week?
  3. Shanni
    They will be considered MIA after 7 days of time. After 7 days, please tell us either by VM, PM, or post here. Posting here will be your best bet. You will still keep this MIA kouhai, but we will now consider you as available for another match.

  4. Miyosha
    From MegaMaz's PM to me: Her kouhai has not replied to her. Mazzy will now be considered active
  5. Edokun519
    My kouhai bishieprotoboy is inactive. He hasn't logged back in since the 29th of June.
  6. Miyosha
    @Edokun519: Thank you for notifying us! We will mark you as active!
  7. angyal
    Hmm. My kouhai KinguNoKin hasn't replied, but they already have one friend and posted to the forum and such, so I think they don't need my help and find their way around aarin on their own.
  8. Miyosha
    @angyal: Thanks for letting us know!

    Also mommidono is to be marked available.
  9. Miyosha
    Lisse09 is to be marked available.
  10. Hyou
    I guess my kouhai isn't really MIA since he have been online today, but I get no replies from pkkhaseo even though I've VMed and PMed. Am I that scary?
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