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MIA Kouhai

  1. peilicanhelican
    MIA: Lifa

    came on for a bit a month ago, but hasn't contacted me
  2. Yaoi17angel7
    MIA: dengeki7

    My kouhai was last online on 02-01-2014 but hasn't contacted me since October 2013...
  3. paplou
    all noted on spreadsheet
  4. laketica
    MIA: PenAx

    Last sign in was in March 2014. All my kouhai.....
  5. paplou
    noted on spreadsheet
  6. GaBsY
    My kohai - mousaion - just told me that he is going to be extremely busy in RL and won't be able to visit the forum anymore.
  7. Araka
    MIA: HotaruKei

    last contact : 03-30-2016
    She told me that she's busy with real life but should be back the following week... that was about a month ago.
    left her a VM on 04-11-2016, no reply
    last activity : 04-17-2016 08:13 AM

    She came back and confirmed she is going to be busy for quite some time. Not sure if that still counts as MIA...

    Edit 20 October 2016:
    She seems to be back on a weekly basis :3
  8. GaBsY
    MIA: xxyarichanxx

    Last message I send was on 13-March-2016 and I haven't heard anything else from my kouhai since then...
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