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  1. Shanni
    lol I was going to make an introduction thread, but figured that was kind of... pointless

    so I decided to make a spam thread instead!

    so anyways~ I will get the buddy system up ASAP >=)

    Thanks to all the people that applied!

    If you guys like, I can make mini banners for all the senpai :O ...
  2. CuriousHatter
    Behold ~ ME!

    I wanna shiny banner!

    It WILL be shiny and fabulous, right?

    Ooooh, can't wait for my first minio- er- vict- er- pet- er- PROTEGE!

  3. Hisagi90
    I was thinking of asking you to make banners for us senpai

    I cant wait to play with my newbie-pupils
    I just hope they wont be shy and ask for help
  4. motoko09
    That was such a great idea!! thank you very much Shanni I really do appreciate that ^^
    I can always help out with the banners if you want me to
  5. SexyRyu28
    Oh oh it's a group for us to... group
    Hello there people. Am I allowed to dress up my kouhai Like can I put some cat ears, or ooh-ooh a school uniform I shall call him/her *drum roll* chibi-me

    I think I just scared some potential kouhai

    Shiny banners would be nice, not to be picky but small like the AFG ones cuz I put a lot of stuff on my sig and I keep having to rearrange stuff whenever I change my sets
  6. Shanni
    how big do you want the banner to be?~



    or those reeeally tiny ones... like 150-200x50?
  7. cabbit_girl
    dun forget if you use a banner it adds to your sig...so if you already have a sig that's aarin max, you can't use a banner!

    the lemurian woy ones were 200-150x25 XD which worked great for those who still had 175 sigs XD

    and yes, *puts on scary mod hat* I'll spank you if you break sig rules!
  8. hikari_heart
    *cough* Newbie here requesting for a senpai. <3 *shot*
  9. cabbit_girl
    *stuffs hikari in a tuna roll and rolls her down a hill XDD

    oh wait...that's not being friendly to a newbie >_> LOL XD
  10. hikari_heart
    I'm not a spicy tuna roll! D: XDDDD
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