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  1. peilicanhelican
    just wondering...what's been happening it doesn't seem like anyone has been doing anything :/
    so many new people left all alone D:
  2. AF Buddy System
    AF Buddy System
    We apologize on the lack of activity. We've lost track of the kouhai thread. angyal didn't get the notifications until today. Right now, we're doing massive overhaul and checking on active senpai. Since we can't edit the old kouhai sign-up thread, a new thread for that has been posted and stickied.
  3. Araka
    We still good on the Buddy System? MinxieChan messaged me asking when she'd be hearing anything about this as she signed up over a week ago? And it seems that a few members before her haven't been assigned yet? Or is the spreadsheet out of date?
    Sorry for all those questions ^^
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