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Graduation List - Report Thread

  1. Hyde
    Kouhai name : sleepyshark All of Quest completed? : All except for 6
  2. itasasu87
    Kouhai name : DangerousAngel
    All of Quest completed? : Nope
    Comments? :She's very active around the forum,she's ready to graduate
  3. kinsugi
    Kouhai name : Yunomuna
    All of Quest completed? : Yes, with flying colors!
    Comments? : Yunomuna had to go away for work and school during the end of her Quest, but didn't abandon it. She has done a great job, and made me aware of how many Aarin members seem to be active on the music side of things, with their interest in J-pop and especially, for Yunomuna, K-pop. Thanks for the fun!
  4. Laraski48
    Kouhai name : Soul-Chu
    All of Quest completed? : No
    Comments? : Soul-Chu has worked really hard with learning forums things and has progressed to the state that she is ready to graduate. She has been thanked alot for her help, by the newbies in the forum. She has also been recommend for graduating from ABS moderator Miyosha.
    She completed my final test, where i asked things about Aarin with high scores and i don't see any reason why she cannot graduate.
  5. Delques
    Kouhai Name: Tint
    All of Quest completed? : Yeppers
    Comments? : Tint wasn't really new to the forum by the time she got allocated a senpai, and she's made plenty of friends in the ABS chatroom already. She's already completed about half of the tasks in the quest system so it made things run really smooth, save for the times when she wasn't online cause of school-related matters. I'd say she was ready to graduate even before she joined up, tbh
  6. divinegrace92
    Kouhai Username: LadyAna
    all of Quest Completed: yes
    Comments: She has been very active in doing the quest and I think the quest had helped her to be active as well... I am grateful that this was able to help her throughout the forum..
  7. aislinnelise
    Kouhai name : kittymuiii
    All of Quest completed? : I think she completed it She did the quest several months ago and I remember doing all of the quests at the time.
    Comments? : She knows her way around the forum and has been a member for over a year now.
  8. deso
    Kouhai name : HeartfulPeach
    All of Quest completed? : No
    Comments? : He knows everything important and he's already here for some time so I think there shouldn't be any problems
  9. Hisagi90
    Kouhai name : YukiKuran
    All of Quest completed? : Didnt participate
    Comments? : Ready to graduate as she said herself.
    I dont know why she is not listed as my kohai anymore, neither somewhere as graduated. But she was my kouhai
    Maybe I reported her, because she wasnt active for a bit, but she's ready now xDD
  10. angyal
    noted on the spreadsheet
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