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Graduation List - Report Thread

  1. Miyosha
    Kouhai Graduates submitted!
  2. Kalypso
    Kouhai name : UKIdiot
    All of Quest completed? : Yes
    Comments? : my kouhai is ready to graduate
  3. Hisagi90
    Kouhai name : winterswhispers
    All of Quest completed? : Didnt participate
    Comments? : Didnt need much help, found her way around alone and easily. Great to see her not having any problems Not very active yet in the forum or with other members, as she seems busy, and a bit shy, but Im sure she will to be more active when it settles down xD
  4. Twinstar1
    Kouhai name : VioletSuccubus
    All of Quest completed? : didn't participate
    Comments? : She has been perfectly fine on her own and hasn't had any issues. She is more than ready to graduate
  5. HokaHoka
    Kouhai name : HEEDLESS
    All of Quest completed? : In some maybe 1 and 2 quests nothing more
    Comments? : Well II do think she is already good to be alone! But of course I will always help her if she needs ^^ She already can make contests and she is already talking and make her own friends!
  6. Miyosha
    Kouhai Graduates Submitted!
  7. Halite75
    Kouhai name : noelinthegarden
    All of Quest completed? : Did 'em all with ease.
    Comments? : She's definitely ready to graduate and despite you guys canceling the Chat Room Graduations--we still plan to show up there to celebrate her achievements.
  8. Kuro_Death13
    Kouhai name : Ergo Proxy
    All of Quest completed? : Yes ~ minus the three options for Quest 6.
    Comments? : I'm very proud of my kouhai for doing nearly all the tasks and kept me updated as much as possible. For all his efforts and hard-work, he deserves this for sure.
  9. Miyosha
    Kouhai Graduates Submitted!
  10. Kadaj_chan
    Kouhai name :alicenatsuki
    All of Quest completed? : wasn't a part of that system due to being busy.
    Comments :from the start I mostly could seen her in games/quiz section. She is an out-going person here .and she also did a good job on forum functions (and profile design and all...she kinda figured out quite quickly ) ^^
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