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The Official Quest System Sign Up!

  1. Shanni
    It's finally here!

    The Quest System has been officially launched~

    To start now, please sign up here!

    Only senpai can sign up. If a kouhai wants to do the quest system, please ask your senpai to sign up for you! Doing this can avoid confusion~

    Once you've signed up, please join the social group -here-!

    Senpai Username: (Link to profile)
    Kouhai Username: (Link to profile)

    After you've been accepted to the social group, you may start doing the quests!

    If you have any questions, you can look in the FAQs in the Quest social group, or VM me!
  2. Edokun519
    Senpai Username: Edokun519
    Kouhai Username: Labrador
  3. xryuchan6927
    Senpai Username: xryuchan6927
    Kouhai Username: asphy_xiation, Taekeru
  4. marly
    Senpai Username: Marly
    Kouhai Username: Dirdri
  5. Shanni
    I've accepted Edokun519, Labrador, xryuchan6927, and Marly into the group

    Edo and Lab can start doing the quests~ I am awaiting your kouhai's request to join the group from the rest of the pairs
  6. Kadaj_chan
    Senpai Username: Kadaj_chan
    Kouhai Username:Yaku
  7. Jebus_10
    Senpai Username: Jebus_10
    Kouhai Username: gemma22
  8. angyal
    Senpai Isername: angyal
    Kouhai Username: cmsf5
  9. CuriousHatter
    Senpai Username: CuriousHatter
    Kouhai Username: xXRitsukaxSoubiXx
  10. HokaHoka
    Senpai Username: HokaHoka
    Kouhai Username: kik

    Since I've more than 1 kouhai can I talk with Gloomy as well?!
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