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  1. SunlilyQ
    Yay!! I knew it wasn't going to take long, Toono.

    But yea, it's one of my favorite games of all time. Not cutesy, lots of angsty young hotties, and a badass Mickey Mouse. A combination of nothing but win.
  2. aIshiRoi
    ooohh... all KH fans! xD Thanks for inviting me! ^^
  3. Kyubi_Uchiha
    Gotta join this

    I've seen there are 2 kh more? for PSP and DS right? 0.o u can play with Roxas and all the organization in one of those ;_;
  4. SunlilyQ
    The one for the DS is called 358/2 Days and does feature Roxas. It's basically about Roxas' time with the Organization during the Chain of Memories time period. Also includes Riku ( time for the Riku/Roxas fans to get their fangirl/boy on) and King Mickey. The only weird thing is that no one will know what 358/2 means, until the end of the game, or so Tetsuya Nomura.

    The one for the PSP is called Birth by Sleep, the one I'm excited for, because it introduces the new characters that are going to be in KH3, which is a prequel. I just like the idea that I get to see and possibly slash some new characters.

    And the last is called Coded, which is going to be a mobile game for Japan only I guess. Well for now. Boo.

    Well that concludes my nerdism for the day.
  5. Dragoness_blade
    there are KH games for the DS and PSP?? why was i not informed.. oh well. I love KH so, i might as well join to show my love for this wonderful game that had started me on my never-ending love for yaoi!
    Much love for the KH fans >.>
  6. inuome92
    Man, sucks for us who don't own a DS or PSP.... (shakes head in shame)
  7. synnesai
    hahah yeah, it was only a matter of time xDDD

    haha - any KH q's xD I probbly got your a's =p
  8. Blue_Star
    Much love for Xemnas Mansex, much love!!<3
  9. synnesai
    xemnas is actually pretty....hot xD even though he IS a psycho xDDDDD
  10. SquallxZell
    Oh yes, knew there had to be a KH club somewhere!
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