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The marauders

  1. alixv
    Just wanted to know your thoughts on parle new show
  2. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    Unfortunately I am not a Harry Potter fan so I don't always get the jokes and such, but it is still Parle and they are always funny so I still watch it. So far my favorite parts have been the bloopers and the random like Wormtail Pwns Mooney. I can't believe they got that on video. I also enjoyed the Interview with a Vampire videos. Lestat cracks me up.

    @alixv- What do you think about the new show?
  3. alixv
    i like it it has lots of humer as usal and i love the vampire chronicles vids.
  4. ShadowYinYang
    I like it; I love Harry Potter and they're still making me laugh like they do with their other shows so I'm definately gonna keep watching it
  5. XxHelloChibixX
    I don't know a lot about HP but I know enough to enjoy the marauder show, and parle pro always make me laugh so I'm really enjoying this new series. Now I'm just waiting for the bittersweet ending of the Demyx time to come ;A;.
  6. alixv
    arent we all whating for the next demyx time to come even thow it will be over we will still have all of parle's other stuff to make us lafe
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