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Best Quote?

  1. ShadowYinYang
    Hope owner doesn't mind me doing this but I was doing something Demyx Time related and well...this came to mind...

    So what are your favorite quotes???(crap I typed 'best'>.> this is what I get for staying up past 2 a.m.)

    A couple of mine(wil edit later since I don't feel like thinking) are:

    “Oh sh*t, Romeo’s dead. That’s a shame.”-Axel
    “You know what, Zexion? F*** you! And f*** you! And f*** you, Pretty Boy!”-Axel(technically)
    "And if any one of you is the murderer, PLEASE STOP KILLING PEOPLE! IT'S MAKING MY JOB VERY DIFFICULT!"-Inspector/Detective Roxas
    "And if I ever catch your mullet anywhere near him, I will make you cry, like a little girl! Again! And again! AND AGAIN!"-Roxas
  2. alixv
    i think we shode rename roxes bif becose bif can have visiters and roxes can not.-kelly
  3. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    "OMG I cloned myself! I'm amazing!" -Demyx in Axel's body
    Do you have a crayon up your nose? -Axel in Demyx's body
    "I like me." -Vexen "I don't. You smell weird." Xigbar
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