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  1. alixv
    hello and welcome
  2. Zafire
    Hello !!
    OMG I never thought of making a group of them but it is so worth it !!

    so here I am ^^second member of this group ^^ please take care of me ^^
  3. alixv
    i would like to say demyx time 14 is coming out july 9 and check out there ether shows sora show, and shinra files
  4. ShadowYinYang
    Yay Demyx Time! XD

    Maybe I can put a pic of my Inspector/Detective Roxas cosplay here when I finish it lol

    Hello Za~
  5. alixv
    go ahed and do it and new sora show 4 is out
  6. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    So excited for Demyx time 14.
  7. alixv
    its finely out demyx time 14 yaaaaaa!
  8. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    Just finished watching number 14. So worth the wait. I laughed so hard it hurt. And they wonder why we like them. I am kinda sad the next one is supposed to be the last episode. At least we still have The Sora Show and Shinra Files plus all the other random videos they make.
  9. alixv
    ya thank jinova for that
  10. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    Yes, thank Jenova indeed.
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