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Chit Chat Thread

  1. LC84DD
    When you have something to say whats not actually in the actuall Topics or your want to start a new Thread with a Topic what could interest our Group Members type it here and we will have Fun...
  2. LC84DD
    i hope you all enjoy to be around and you can post Videos or such stuff in here too if you want to ... ill also want to bring this group to live so dont be shy to share your thoughts
  3. shinemoonmine

    what in your mind......?
    Tell me please..
    *don't know what to say*
  4. satinangel
    Has anyone ever seen the Nutcracker? I have made it a tradition to see the ballet every year around christmas time and I just love it. I find it interesting that the book is treated as a children's story, but it wasn't written for children. The Nutcracker is beautifully written, however the language is rather difficult for children to understand.
  5. LC84DD
    i had this tradition as a i would say child in school back then but i watched the Nutcracker always before Christmas every Year - i think about doing it again this Year - its one of the best next to swanelake - normally iam more into operetta's and sometimes a good opera
  6. shinemoonmine
    Hmmmm Opera... I Love It and i love to hear it
    I Like the song of phantom of the opera
    but i really didn't watch it yet just the song
  7. satinangel
    Mmmm, I adore opera! I never been to one in real life, but hopefully one day I will get the opportunity to go to one.
  8. shinemoonmine
    me to
    in my city never interasted of oper at all what ashame
  9. satinangel
    Does anyone listen to Sarah Brightman? She has a beautiful voice and I do believe that she's a trained opera singer. She was the original Christine in the Phantom of the Opera. In fact, Andrew Lloyd Webber was inspired to write Phantom of the Opera because of her. She was his muse
  10. shinemoonmine
    yes i love her voice
    it's really great
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