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  1. satinangel
    I went to see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway with my high school French class during my senior year. Now that was an experience! I wonder what it would've been like to have seen Sarah Brightman playing Christine? Her voice sounded so gorgeous on the cd, but I bet it was even better during a live performance.
  2. newage19
    I spent an hour uploading some of my favorite pieces of baroque/classical music (mostly baroque).

    ....anyway, it's all up on my main aarin page (see playlist)

    ENJOY! \: D/
  3. ouiaboo
    With Sarah Brightman, I remember my Mom absolutely loved her as a singer, and used to tell me about how there was a lot of controversy around her. Saying a lot of people didn't like her voice and that they believed she only got the job because Andrew Lloyd Webber thought she was attractive. My Mom tells me that she couldn't understand why people believed this, and that she is a wonderful singer, which of course, she is. So I wonder why there was this hatred towards her?
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