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Classical Music from the old Centurys

  1. LC84DD
    At first i show you what Wiki means to it

    Classical music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    How i wrote in the Description of this Group i want that to be a place for the two timelines who are called "Early" and "Common practice" NOT modern styled Concerts - it mostly creeps me out when ppl try to literally rape old works - i bet all classic componists are turning in their graves allready when they know it.

    but to come to the better part of this there are soooooo much great works of componists - your invited to share your love of music and if your a componist for yourself your sure invited too...

    so enjoy the timeline once again from the beginning 13th to the beginning 19th Century in this Group
  2. LC84DD
    My last two experiences in classic Music where Chopin Concerts one was in the "Semperoper" in my Hometown maybe you heard from it...

    There was one of the most renominated artist form Chinese Artist "Lang Lang" he played with a technical and vehement character you just wanted to hold your breath and listen to his piano tunes - hey played without any notes.

    same is for the german-japanese piano artist "Alice Sara Ott" she played Beethoven and Chopin Walz in a fast and vehemt art you just love to listen...she played in the Palais in one of our biggest Parks from a late Baroque Time

    at last a example of Alice Sara Ott with a real fast work of Franz Liszt - me and my friend who was with me were absolutely surprised how she played...

    Alice Sara Ott plays Franz Liszt - La Campanella @ YouTube
  3. libertypo
    Oh, wow... Dresden no less. I'm impressed
  4. newage19
    YouTube -Vivaldi - Cello Concerto in A Minor RV420 - Mov. 1/3
    For Baroque -for me- it does not get much better than this.
    What are your favorite pieces?
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