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Baroque Buildings, Art and People

  1. LC84DD
    At first sure i recommend your the Wikipedia Site

    Baroque - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Iam into the old starting Time when the good ol Knights were in there Castles but even the whole Culture of Baroque is a Time i really would go back in Time to enjoy the Music and People who shared they're poems.

    But sure i know too there were a 2 Level Society who live along for alot of centuries - the "rabble" and the "aristocrats"

    so i would say there is alot to discuss here and i hope we can bring on the Topic why the Japans are so into this whole Baroque Culture.

    You even see it in alot of Anime, Yaoi, Shonen-Ai ... for Example alot of Characters who play the Piano or Violin ... or you see Buildings like Churches and Schools like "Ouran HS Host Club"

    Have fun and enjoy your time around here
  2. shinemoonmine
    hello How are you Hope you we have fun here
  3. satinangel
    That is true. We do see alot of Baroque type of music and buildings in anime and manga. There's the church/school in Yami no Matsuei volume 4 that was based on a church in France (if my memory serves me right) and it was beautiful.
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