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Nice to meet you!

  1. Michyio
    DinoxFuta? Wow, that's unusual xD Never thought of that couple.
    Nice pics btw :3
  2. SweetEli
    Hi, I'm Eli Nice meeing you all! I love Katekyo Hitman Reborn so much!!! And Dino-Hibari is just an awesome pair XD
  3. garnetyuna
    Hi there, SweetEli Nice to meet you And yep D18 is pure love
  4. KansaiFighter
    Hello I am KansaiFighter. I am neither Japanese nor from the Kansai region, I am laos. My most absolute favorite pairing from Reborn is Dino and Hibari they are the sexiest pairing around haha.
  5. garnetyuna
    Hi KansaiFighter Yup, D18 is my OTP They're the best couple >.<
  6. ryla
    hello everyone, im glad to have found this group. I love DinoxHibari and TYLDino and TYL Hibari have a special place in my heart
  7. garnetyuna
    Welcome ryla Yay another D18 lover!
  8. Faunton
    Hello guys! Found this group this recently and joined up. So...is this group still alive?? ~v~
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