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Favourite BL Drama?~

  1. sayurichama
    Well I´m just abit curiouse and wanted to know what your favourite Dramas and seiyuus are^^.

    Personally I´m quite a BL Drama CD newbie, so this thread can also be used to make recommendations on some of your favs Drama.

    Well as for me, like I said I´m a newbie and haven´t listend to much but my favs so far would be:

    1. Chintsubu
    2. Only the Ringfinger knows
    3. Konna Otoka wa aisareru

    and I love Sakurai Takahiro
  2. Togainu007
    I love the Togainu no Chi Drama CD.
    it's amazing...
  3. sprawl
    La Vie En Rose bl drama - 1 uke & 4 semes
  4. sayurichama
    Yeah La Vie En Rose was indeed awesome
  5. lazyn3ko
    I love Aitsu no Daihonmei Drama CD so cute
  6. Kyodoroki
    Ah, Aitsu no Daihonmei was cute ;-;
  7. Eternalmemories
    Haha, La Vie En Rose was nice~
    My absolute favorite would be Kuroi Aijou and Egoist no Junai x3 so smexy~
  8. animelover79
    My favorites Bl drama
    Love Neco it so cute
    and it was my first Bl drama
  9. kaworuFanboy
    You've GOT to listen to "Mousou Elekitel" and "Hidoku Shinaide," they're both absolutely delicious and by the same mangaka (her art is absolutely beautiful so reading + listening is like a fangasm haha).
  10. SECU
    I feel myself a weirdo now because my favourites are not even close to yours but I'll tell them anyways

    1. Haru wo Daiteita (the manga-series carries the same title and is by Youka Nitta) - seiyuus: Toshiyuki Morikawa X Shinichiro Miki
    2. Hanakage Tokuten (I don't have any fav pairing from it )

    Sprawl ; Do you know where I could find La Vie En Rose, is it here in Aarin?^^ Since many of you recommended it, I'd like to check it out
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