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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles // TMNT
Group maintained by Vexy

* The awesome ninja turtles of awesome
Pizza loving, ninja-ing, mutated turtles and all their friends, and not,

Pm me for a spot with this form filled out <3


Please check before hand to see if the spot you want is free.

I will accept applications for anyone in the Turtle universe if you want to go that far, this includes Splinter, Shredder... you get the idea. If you don't see the name of who you want below, just PM me with the application anyway, I don't mind.

1: No hating on each-other or anything, were all family here and here for the love of pizza and such, so have fun and all.
2: All craziness, ninja-ing, turtle loving and what not is encouraged.
3: Please place a link back in your signature, if you want too, its appreciated.
4: Consume pizza.
5: Consume pizza.
6: Do ninja things.
7: Consume pizza.

Thanks! Vexy <3 (Raphael)

Ninja Turtles
Leonardo: Little White Dragon
Donatello: ThePinkCrayon
Raphael: Vexy
Michelangelo: Seasalticecream

Master Splinter:

Foot Clan

April O'Neil:
Casey Jones:

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