aarinfantasy's YAOI Collection

This group is dedicated to the NintendoDS game and anime Inazuma Eleven and Inazuma Eleven GO. Anyone who wants to join can choose a character. Each character can be chosen once. Please leave me a VM about which player you want to be if you wanna claim a character. Claiming characters such as trainer, manager, and other similar positions is also allowed. The characters that you claim must appear in at least two Inazuma episodes. If you are not sure if they do or not, feel free to ask me.


Endou Mamoru - RainingSnow
Kidou Yuuto - buhbibutterfly
Gouenji Shuya - Shanni
Fubuki Shirou - Mrs.Sugiyama
Fubuki Atsuya - Splash
Kazemaru Ichirouta - aoigensou
Ichinose Kazuya - ding1989
Genda Koujirou - cabbit_girl
Sakuma Jirou - Delques
Fudou Akio - PrinceTheRipper
Tobitaka Seiya - daisukexx
Afuro Terumi - pluto247
Nagumo Haruya/Burn - Dragonfire Inferno
Suzuno Fuusuke/Gazel - Miyosha
Fidio Aldena - OokamiKage_X
Kageyama Reiji - bowe
Kiyama Hiroto - kuroitsume
Tsurugi Kyousuke - NekoPaw
Tsurugi Yuuichi - divinegrace92
Zaizen Touko - Asamisa

- Please be nice to each other
- Although this group is not 18+, there can be 18+ threads. Please post adult stuff in 18+ threads only.
- Feel free to upload pictures and add them (offical pics, fanart, everything's fine as long as it's not porn. You can add porn pics in an 'as R-18 rated' threads though.)
-It would be nice if you could add a link to the group in your sig. i know that a lot of people have already many links and stuff in their signature so this is not obligatory XD

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