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Why do you love ByakuShou?

  1. ShadowAngel
    Ah, yes the question for almost every pairing group! ^^;

    So what do you like most about this wonderful couple?
  2. HoneyBunches
    Saa~ I'm not even so sure why I like them soo much. I really like them as the respective commander of White Spell and Black Spell. I also love how Shouichi said that the time he spent with Byakuran in college was the most fun he had. They make the best angst(y) pair.
  3. MidnightxPoker
    I just love the dynamic of the pairing. Their contrasting personalities, the undeniable angst, the fun we can imagine they had during their college days, and it helps that I love them as individual characters as well. I just love the idea of Shoichi being all angsty and conflicted over doing the right thing and his love for Byakuran. It's what the best angst is made of!
  4. shenweiyangtze
    I came to love these two instantly when the opening Future Arch had Shoichi open a room of WHITE FLOWERS~!!!! How fruity is that?!!! xDDDDDD

    What made it even better was that they were GIFTS from the Boss, and then Shoichi gets all cute and flustered and then tries to be all cool and talk about the REAL INTENTION of THE GIFT, it is a warning/caution/expectation for the upcoming BATTLE/STRATEGY.......But, in my opinion the damage was done- Once you've gone homo~ you can't go back. xDDDD

    Also, Byakuran and Shoichi proceed to have these intense conversations about the trinisette-- and its kinda hard to take'em seriously when Byakuran's making cute faces at a blushing Shoichi and constantly calling him "Shou~chan" which is a from of intimacy or familiarity, now whether that relationship is forced or not- the fact that when these two have a conversation together-- ITS PLAIN GAY***

    My Yaoi Category/Radar:
    Byakuran: Awesome, powerful, Handsome and loves to tease his lov- right HAND MAN *pffft* that don't sound right either xDDD If you know what I mean. kekeke

    Shoichi: Timid, fidgety, weak, supposedly GREAT strategist, technician AND blushing constantly for Byak--whatever reasons. xDDD


    My first impression was that these two were the dumbness looking character design I've ever seen....then Amano Sensei improved her work and style- aannnnd Byakuran looked hotter, sexier, fashionable, and unique ^_^;; Also as Shoichi became the GOOD-GUY, he too started to look cuter and just-- Kyaaaaa <3<3<3<3 Everything an Uke Glasses boy would BE!!! It just made me SO EXCITED, considering that this is a Shounen Manga...or Shoujo? Not exactly sure, but its obviously not Yaoi and to have characters that have similar qualities and traits, that we can relate to Yaoi characters is just *FUN.*

    That is my spiel for my undying love for these two. ^_~
  5. charisma1869
    seriously speaking, i liked 10069 before but when I saw how cute 10051 was I can't help but change into a 10051 shipper because this is how I see it:

    Shoichi is Byakuran's innocent light that he wants to protect no matter what, but due to his twisted character he always teases Shoichi.
    Byakuran loves Shoichi very much and it is for Shoichi's sake he wanted to create a prefect world...

    ^_^ there's a story behind that... I can make a fanfic out of that OwO~
  6. Vivify
    I have to agree with MidnightxPoker's comment! I love the way Byakuran picks on Shou-chan all the time it...in a sad way it reminds me of my relationship and thus they became one of my favorite couples.

    Though when I read through everyone's comments they were all great reasons as well.
  7. kyuuka
    The chemistry between them? XD I mean, it's so THERE!!! How could you not see it?!!! The flowers, the name-calling (sho-chan~) and a blushing shouichi. .__. And oh, totally love the angst going on, I mean Sho-chan seems to be reluctant to betray Byakuran but then he had to. Which makes the pairing more interesting. And also, it's not hard to imagine/fangirl-over the relationship they have during college days.
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