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What do you miss when you was a kid

  1. Ryokan6
    What was your most activities when you was a kid that you really miss so much.
  2. BransSuccubus
    Hmm. Being able to go out for a walk and play around in the woods and such, getting really muddy and clothes torn and everything like that. I still do it these days on occasion, but whereas as kids its thought of as ok..I get looked at pretty weird at my age. Which is a shame. Why should fun like that be reserved only for the very young in age, not the young at heart?!
  3. Ryokan6
    I agree with you, but you know I was always to myself and didn't have many friends. I always entertain myself by making laugh at myself on audio cassettes, The only I really have is my art. I was also silly in my own way as well.
  4. blonde180246
    Saturday morning cartoons that don't suck like they do today: Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Droopy, Wacky Races, Pink Panther ... the shows where kids were kids, getting into mischief, getting dirty, saying what they think without some uptight adult who's never gotten laid saying 'that does work in the real world'
    The old fashioned 2D computer games from the Commodore to the Mega Drive, the games that are still hard to play but still entertaining to play ...
    things are too stringent now, all these rules thrown up by idiots who probably didn't have much of a childhood
    I was pretty weird as a kid, still am and never lost that because I though normal was boring ... we had soooo much freedom to be ourselves, what happened to that
  5. sevula
    I miss "pretend." You know, when a bedsheet, some string and a wooded area kept you occupied playing explorers with a base camp for hours. And I second the good Saturday morning cartoons. Sigh.

    I miss making plans a day ahead of time to meet up with your friends to go swimming or something and knowing that you'd all come without having to call on your cell phones to double check. I miss climbing trees and drinking water from a garden hose without thinking about if it was sanitary or not. Of course I REALLY miss the not having to support yourself with a job too...but I figure that part is a given...lol.
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