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What's you fav anime character done by your fav seiyuu?

  1. kepompong
    So as the topic says, post your fav character or the best cast you think your fav seiyuu has done. Let the discussion begin.
  2. sakurai93
    hm.. that's kinda difficult question.. my fav is sakurai takahiro.. i think all his characters is great.. but if to choose, i think it's misaki .. XD
  3. kepompong
    Haha, I guess it IS a difficult question.
    My fav seiyuu are Kamiya Hiroshi< Paku Romi and Yusa Kouji. If I have to pick a character...
    Kamiyan: itoshiki nozomu from sayonara zersubou sensei (I think his acting is great there)
    Yucchi: Gin from Bleach (he's so evi~l *love*)
    Paku-san: Edward Elric from FMA (my fav chara ever)

    On the other note, if I have to pick a fav chara for sakupyon, I'll go with Kusuriuri from Mononoke. His voice is Hhhhhot. But if I think about the acting, I like his Misaki better.
  4. sakurai93
    lol. yeah.. the one from monoke is so hot.. X3 talking about kamiyan, i dont watch lots of his voice though.. >.<" but i really like his voice.. the first time i hear his voice is as takemoto in hachimitsu to clover.. XD
  5. larosh
    I remember Kamiya so well from Gakuen heaven -nods- A great voice
    My favourite... I think it's Hayami Sho and SekiToshi as a pair in Mirage of Blaze. They go so well together... -dreamy smile-
    Sugita Tomokazu in Gintama - the part itself is total crack. And he's doing great job there -lols-
    Ishikawa Hideo has one of the nicest voices - i like him in Wild Adapter the best.
    But the bestest, the most favourite one is Morikawa Toshiyuki. -hugs her imaginary Moririn- I love his Enel from OnePiece, Tyki Mikk from D.Grayman and his Conrad from KKM. From my pov he's absolutely gorgeous -smiles shyly and continues groping her imaginary Moririn-
  6. Winkinator
    Shinichiro Miki 4EVA!!
    I looove all of his characters... but maybe my faves are Urahara from Bleach, Ono Yusuke from Antique Bakery, obviously as Tsuzuki in Yami no Matsuei as Naruse-san in Gakuen Heaven.!!!
  7. Forbidden_Soul2
    Suzumura Kenichi !
    His uke voice is so much love. <3
    He voices Lavi (DGM), Hikaru (OHSHC), Chika (Z-Loan), Kamui (X), Ayumu (Spiral), and Shunsuke (Gakuen Heaven), amongst others.
    My favourite by SuzuKen has gotta be Lavi, cause I just love the way he adds '-saa' to the end of each sentence xD <3

    Sakurai Takahiro (Yuuri (KKM), Kanda (DGM), Cloud (FFVII)) and Morikawa Toshiyuki (Tyki (DGM), Dante (DMC), Sephiroth (FFVII)) are amazing as well. They get paired up in Drama CDs alot. Cloud/Seph !
    I don't have a favourite character for Sakupyon, but I hated his voice for Endo in Gakuen Heaven. In my opinion, it didn't fit the character well. ):
    For Mori, I actually liked Conrad's (KKM), though Conrad the character was quite annoying in my opinion. D:

    I want SuzuKen, Sakupyon and Mori to do a threesome drama cd together. It would be beautiful.

    Also, Fukuyama Jun (Ayase (Okane ga Nai), Aido (Vampire Knight), Hakuren (07-Ghost), Grell (Kuroshitsuji) has a great voice as well, though I dislike most of the characters he voice acts. u_u
    He is amazing for saying 'SuzuKen is delicious' though. <33
    And his voice acting skills were amazing as Grell. n__n
  8. ramenandboxers
    it's always been morimori sama and therefore it will always be morimori sama. He is just the best, I fell head of over heels in true fangirl dream daze with his Nakajima-san role (Gakuen Heaven) but I love him in everything. He is the MAN!
  9. sarah3161
    its a hard Q ihave alot of fav but right now i would say Naoe (Mirage of Blaze) done by ^_^ Hayami Show
  10. Cutebeast64
    Jun FukuyamaHe can do all sort of voices, so I couldn't choose just one but... I love the proud Lelouch Lamperouge, the perv of Kawahira keita, the fun Aidou hanabusa, the lazy Ryner Lute, the lovely Albert the Morcef, the mean Masayuki Nakajima, the evil-laught-on Hinata Kurenai, the hunter of Love Grell Stucliff, the maso Sado taro, the rapeable Ayase Yukiya, the beloved Vincent Nightray, the badass Sakanoue Gammon, the girly Tooru Kouno, the friend of justice Itsuki iba, the I-love-collectionable Mikogami Hayato, the cute Panda, the omnipotent Leopard, the cleaver Lawrence, the gifted Kei Takishima, the manly Sugata, the young genius Azusa, the crazy Keita Eto, the follower of rules Gauchem, the charmming Rin, the childlish Tsukumo, the Loli-con Takanashi and of course, Watanuki... Now I think I wrote too much but... i can't choose one, all his characters are so cute and special!
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