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~Top 4 best Harry/Draco fics~

  1. FuDSiokA
    what each harry/draco fan must read and never forget?

    there are lots of fics in my language which have already become a legend,but if there are such amazing well-known things in english...maybe it means our translators still have smth to do^_^
    My modest top:
    1) Things that change by Ociwen
    2) Kiss a boy in London Town by Femme
    3) Starts with a spin by Maxine
    4) Oath Breaker by KC
  2. ahgreg
    I recently read "High Priced" featuring a Veela-blooded Harry who has to mate or else
  3. Mor7682
    LOL But what Veela is? What's the meaning of the word?
  4. FuDSiokA
    it's a kind of magic creatures,the Slavic versions of nymphs, who have power over storms, which they delight in sending down on lonely travelers.They can appear as swans, horses, wolves, or beautiful women.(c) And the other thing is that each veela has a partner and they're extremely devoted to him. Moreover, if they didn't find a partner, they would be miserable or even die...
    In most of the fics i've red Draco was veela, and Harry was his partner of course,but actually everything may be vice versa
    by the way in the 4th book cheerleaders of the bulgarian quidditch team were veelas^^
  5. Mor7682
    So is Flare Delacore (is that the way you write it?) a veela?
  6. mrsnott
    It's Fleur Delacour ... I have never seen a fic where Harry is a veela! How is it? My fav fics are:
    1. The Burning Times (and its sequel: From the Ashes) by Dracosdirtysecret
    2. Things That Change by Ociwen
    3. More Than Nothing by Qestral
    4. Firsts and Seconds by Tarie

    I'm not that much into veelas...and I thought I wasn't into mpreg, but then I read Things That Change (which is the BEST mpreg fic in the realm of fanfiction!) and I started liking it, any suggestions??
  7. Mor7682
    I didn't understand...
    Is Fleur Delacour a veela?
  8. mrsnott
    quarter veela...her grandmother was a veela and so Fleur is a quarter veela. She's supposed to be reaally pretty and enticing
  9. FuDSiokA
    Things That Change (which is the BEST mpreg fic in the realm of fanfiction!)
    i just love it to death)))unfortunately i've never met any other good mpreg...
  10. mrsnott
    well I've read some pretty good oneshots, but I can't recall any of them at all. You know, The Burning Times by dracosdirtysecret has mpreg, but the thing is that, unlike Things That Change, mpreg is not that big of a deal..though it's great!! You can look for fics in The Hex Files, they have really nice stuff over there.
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