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~Top 4 best Harry/Draco fics~

  1. mariexx
    there is one called truth or dare, it was really hot and funny
  2. darkcosmos363
    1. The Perfect Girl (& the sequel....
    2. The Perfect Wife
    3. Dangerous Love
    4. Veela Inheritance Problems

    While replying to this post I realized that in most of the fanfiction that I favor for Harry Potter, Harry is always the submissive and his lover is the majority of the time very possessive and over protective of him, that and three out of the four of the fanfiction above is mpreg
  3. 801crazed
    I don't know about top 4, but Reparations and Foundations (its sequel) by saras_girl are my favourite H/D fanfics.
    Some awesome H/D writers include Cheryl Dyson, Faith Wood, Anna Fugazzi, and Alaana_fair.
  4. mockjei
    Well i dont have 4...only one... When Draco Lost His Straight.... one hot smexy Drarry fanfic...
  5. Minxie
    My favourites are basically everything by Lomonaaeren.
  6. YumiNoodle
    Quite late on here, but here's my modest contribution:

    TURN by Saras_girl (although, everything she has written so far has been amazing!);
    Paint It Red by dicta_contrion;
    Transfigurations by Resonant;
    Vale Sanare by RurouniHime;
    The Dephs of Winter by bananacosmicgirl;
    Catch 22 by jad;
    Desperate Measures by Lomonaaeren.

    I would find more if I bothered to dig through my old Drarry folders, but I'll leave it at this for now. If anyone is interested in more recs, send me a message. I would love to share all the fic I loved with my fellow Drarry fans.
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