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Harry Potter SLASH

  1. kunitsu
    So guys what are your fav pairings in HP. Mine are Voldemort/Harry and Severus/Harry

    Dont ask me why I just love it
  2. westkitsune
    Lmao!~ Well, my fave is HarryxDraco and SiriusxRemus.. Though I love reading Twincest, LuciusxSnape or.. AnyonexDraco too most times. I like my baby bottom, gomen *embarrassed grin*
  3. kunitsu
    When I first saw the DracoxHarry pairing, I always thought Harry would be bottom but I was surprised to find that he was usually top
  4. YUU
    LOL! I love Sirius/Remus and Sirius/James... I just love Sirius... sad when he died
  5. Ferus37
    Hm... I don't actually have any favorite couples. I just love all of them!
    My favorite guy is Lucius Malfoy though. Him and the Weasley twins!
  6. orangewillow
    Mm. Draco/Harry/Draco. I like it when they switch it up.
  7. Gnarf
    Aw, such a great group! I love H/D, H/S and especially H/L. I'm a wimp and can't read harsh stories concerning Voldemort.
    But has anyone every read 'Big Dick come Quick' or 'Nocturne'? 'The Kiss' is a nice story as well, highly recommendated, by Sinatra A.... I forgot the name again. But the website is called the phial cabinet... or was it the cabinet of phial? Oh dang, my memory is my weak point <_<
  8. orangewillow
    Oh yeah. Sirius/Lupin, Snape/Lupin, Lucius/Twins.. So many possibilities...
  9. kunitsu
    @Gnarf: Nocturne and The Kiss sounds very familiar, I think I read those on AFF. Are they SS/HP
  10. Blue
    My fav is Harry/Draco, with Harry on top, and Lucius/Snape.
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