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Harry Potter SLASH

  1. Tainted Love007
    Tainted Love007
    Yeah, I want to know too.
  2. synnesai
    @blu: it was about the author not really suing - but close enough - this fan club for publishing an encyclopedia of spells and definitions and such - you know...

    new link!

    >Harry Potter naked on stage - AGAIN<

    Hahahaha - too bad not with draco =p
  3. Nitasha
    ooh D; yeah it sucks about J.K. and the HPLexicon.

    *hearts the HPLexicon* xD;; it is so bloody useful for quick references and proper spelling.
  4. FakeFlower101
    Yeah, too bad he's acting naked with a horse...........*introduces Tom Felton to the world of stage acting*........there we go, that should liven things up.
  5. Nitasha
    P: Tom Felton has one large chin. xD Kind of how I pictured Draco, pointy features and all.

    *shudder* I agree 'bout Daniel Radcliffe. =/ He isn't even a good enough actor to make up for his lack of charisma and attractiveness.
  6. synnesai
    x3 he did this one thing with his tongue once....it made me freak out - let;s just say - who ever ends up with him, they will get pleasured pretty good... xD
  7. Nitasha
    <.< WOAH! What tongue thing????

    x3 check out my new signature, btw. It's Dumble-icious.
  8. polkagris
    Hey, found this group and thought I'd join since Harry Potter slash is pretty much what I live for 8) ...... okay, maybe not exactly but it's damn good anyway :3

    (Also agreeing that Daniel Radcliffe is not the best actor ever *cough*He sucks*cough* and not in a good way ;( And what kind of tongue thing? 8O)
  9. synnesai
    here~~ tongue thing xDDDD and he has a pretty chill american accent xDDD


    just skip to like....6:40 minutes =\
  10. totaljammer
    I hate everyone for making me like Snape/Harry. I hate you all and now I'm just as dirty and twisted as the rest of you.

    Really I live for Snape, love the actor...and Harry is just so fun when he wangst, I'll never get bored. Anyone wanna req me a fav fic to read? I haven't read all that much(been dead to the world for over an year).
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