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Harry Potter SLASH

  1. Raeden
    Harry Potter is just like Link from Zelda, they both do a lot of heroic things but when it comes down to it they just don't have the aggression when it comes to sex. Bottom Harry all the way!
  2. Dragoness_blade
    dear lord,.. i have been neglecting my duties (if there are any) as a harry potter slash fan!! NO more!!
    ...so.. whats going on ? ^^;;
  3. synnesai
    @tanited: yeah!! I couldn't picture Harry the seme either D: ((it still mind blows me away)) but....I've gotten so used to seeing harry as top ((darn you west xD hahah)) that Draco.x.Harry just makes me go "Whoa...really? That can happen?" xD

  4. synnesai
    ahhh have you heard >.o

    >JK Bashes Harry Potter Lexicon<
  5. synnesai
  6. MorningStar
    Ah...it's all gone rather dead, hasn't it? We should think up a RP or something...XD
  7. FakeFlower101
    *wind blows through* Er, thought I might break the quiet and say that I am a fellow harry Potter slash fan....obviously....
  8. Nitasha
    P: If fanon!Harry and Draco were here they'd give us a show.
  9. Tainted Love007
    Tainted Love007
    It's so quiet. Where is everyone? We're suppose to discuss Harry Potter Slash goodness!
  10. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo


    I like Harry Potter Porn.

    Haha, saying porn, reminds me of that HP article XD

    @synnesai: What was that link about? It's not working anymore.
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