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Harry Potter SLASH

  1. Ygnol
    no preferance bother are just great togeather
  2. westkitsune
    Used to be a bottom!Harry fan for a really short while back before the 6th book came out, then changed my view completely and am a solid bottom!Draco fan xD I've read reversis tho, they're cool. Just never read bottom!Harry again..^^;;;

    Aish, well so long as they are together is true tho <3
  3. tiny
    I totally did not know there was a harry potter GROUP ^^ I sqeal when I saw this hehe
  4. argona
    hello everyone
  5. periwinkleroxx
    argona!!! *glomps* welcome!!!! loved your fic btw!
  6. Tainted Love007
    Tainted Love007
    Glad to be apart of the Harry Potter group. DracoxHarry all the way, just can't picture Harry being the seme ^__^;
  7. periwinkleroxx
    lol same. i rllycant picture draco like giving up all that pompous pride... its just too much a part of his character
  8. westkitsune
    Hmm, you'd be surprised at the number of possible ways it could <3 (brilliant, brilliant writers xD)

    And to be honest, I admit so is the other way around :3
  9. Tainted Love007
    Tainted Love007
    Malfoy's don't submit to anyone!

    *turns head away in a huff*

    *Imagining a tied up Harry getting fondled by Draco*

  10. periwinkleroxx
    hahahah lmfao
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