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Harry Potter SLASH

  1. synnesai
    you know I just discovered something today =O

    we have a HP gallery on aarin >.>

    -hasn't looked at galleries since she has joined- >.<
  2. Echoes_of_Angels
    Yep, we do have an HP gallery, and a pretty big one too ^^. The first time I set my eyes on it, it took me for about an hour to see everything...
  3. NegiRamenNeko
    Hi all! I'm new to this group but I'm a huge Harry/Draco shipper. I have written my own fanfiction and some are still ongoing. If anyone is interested in them here's where some can be found. And if you want, tell me what you think.

  4. kunitsu
    So whats being going on here. I havent checked this place in awhile. Oooooooooh so nice, we have so many new members
  5. synnesai

    who is older....harry or draco =O
  6. westkitsune
    Synn-chan, it's Draco who is older by a month.. his b-day is at June 5 whilst Harry's is at July :3

    Aish, I've always known my uke-s are more often than not older xD
  7. synnesai
    ohhhh-hooo xD

    ok - thank you west ^^ =3

    well, er...I updated my HP fic ...yesterday..?

    and fair warning...I dunno much about HP ((thank you to the nice people who replied that helped me~~)) but it's SOMETHING O___O; so please be kind >.<

    >Sweet and Sour<
  8. Echoes_of_Angels
    westkitsune : how did u find out Draco's birthday? I don't know why I had the strangest ideia that it was probably in september or something, but that's Hermione's, right? Loool.
  9. westkitsune
    @Echoes-chan JK Rowling said it on an interview, and I remember it because I made a drawing of Draco on his b-day and put the June 5 date on it. The whole Draco/Tom Felton fan community was celebrating it that day ^___^

    Refer to this one :3
  10. periwinkleroxx
    hey guys! hows everyone doing? just curious but who does everyone prefer as uke and seme? harry or draco? personally i prefer dracoxharry but ive read some pretty good fanfics that are harryxdraco too. ^^ anyone?
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