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Harry Potter SLASH

  1. wendrea
    Hey people ...
    Oh, I wrote a fic last year it's a Harry/Snape/Draco i posted it on fanfic.net. I wrote it for a fanfic contest by 2good2bebad... You might even find it on adultfanfic.net.
    If anyone wanted to read, just click on my sig.
    I love dracoxHarry, however I find it hard to find any good fanfiction out that isn't totally cliche, the characters are completely out of character, and the storyline been done so many times and written badly that's it hard to get through the first chapter.
  3. MorningStar
    That's the problem, it's like all the situations have already been used a zillion times and the only thing left is the quality of the writing...that's why I'm not going to attempt to write any HP fics, LOOOL
  4. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    @westkitsune: Haha XD Well, not yet. I have some written, but I'm not planning to make it smutty or anything (I haven't done anything like that in years!!). I planned to make it short, since I'm terrible at writing long stories ^^;

    A Lucius/Snape doujinshi would be so nice <3

    Working on a H/D fic for synnesai's contest at the moment. I shouldn't take this long! Waaah!! I lack concentration!
  5. darkcosmos363
    If there are any Ginny lovers that are here I am srry but I think that she should have of died or found someone else while Harry stayed with Draco and Harry was the uke.
  6. periwinkleroxx
    lol i agree with darkcosmos363. dracoxharry is the best pairing EVER in this ^^ i also rlly like snapexlupin xDD i absolutely love love/hate relationships don't u? xD
  7. westkitsune
    Well, while I do wish that Harry and Draco did end up together, I don't really hate Ginny so much as to wish for her to die ^^;; In fact, I wish her to become a fangirl.. "Sides, without her ASS won't ever come to be
  8. KunoichiAddy
    YAOILOVERTASH- Have you read Secrets by Vorabiza? You can find it on HPFandom.net. It's a very in character HD, I thought. It's complete and 62 chapters long. She has other stories that are wonderful - I love Malfoy Flavor - but they're not as IC.
  9. Echoes_of_Angels
    Oh God, a Hp slash group in aarin at last! Where have I been in these last few months, for God's sake?!
    To think that Harry and Draco were the ones who made me fall in love with yaoi...Can you believe it, I was 12 when I first read Irresistible Poison, has anyone ever read it? At first, I was like WTF?! and urgh, that's just gross, but then, I started, OH YEAH, DRACO, HIT IT! Lool. Just kidding, but yes, I'm a Harry/Draco fan, obviously. They make such a perfect couple, and some of my favorite fanfics had them as main characters, sooooo...
    Btw, am I the only person here who collects HP slash fanfics?
    Anyway, I'm new here, so please be gentle with little tiny me, yes?

  10. ricca123
    This series is so easy to slash, its awesome... heh
    So many pairings, so little time.... Lol
    Glad I found you guys!
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