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  1. hisakata
    <_< Anyone have any fanfic recommends that have anything at all to do with Snape? >_> Any pairing... As well as Severus? o.o I need good recommends for stories to do with either of those two charries @.@ Running out of things to read
  2. synnesai
    @west: awe xD you're not blamed - you're praised! did I tell you?? xD My mom noticed my HP phase and bought me all the movies for xmas xDD I was like "Whoa..."
  3. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    @kunitsu - Haha, I've seen that one before XD I think that image itself made me think of those two as almost one and the same o.o

    @KunoichiAddy - Haha, so true. When I first saw him in the movies, I was like "....Orochimaru!?"

    @westkitsune: I love you too Haha <3 LuciusxSnape, Oh YES!! ....I'm thinking of writing up a small fic with those two back when they were still in Hogwarts^^
  4. Dragoness_blade
    wow,.. i never knew so many people loved snape,... for once i don't feel like a weirdo for liking him >.>

    @Blu - no way, u pictured voldy as Orochimaru too??? ...weird XD
  5. kunitsu
    @hisakata: I can PM you a few of them, mostly SS/HP. Can you be more specific in what you want, like are you ok with reading WIP's

    @blu: Well I think thats good since I love them both

    @Dragoness: Anyone who likes Severus isnt wierd they just have different tastes

    Oooooh has anyone watched Sweeney Todd yet. Alan Rickman was <3333 and so was Jhonny Depp
  6. hisakata
    Hmm... Don't really care if it's a WIP or complete.. And honestly, Snape....
    And uhhh >_> I kinda just realized what I did... I meant to ask for stories about either Snape OR Sirius *cough* >_> I have no idea why I did that -.-"
    But yeah.. Anywho! Basically those are my two favorite characters and I am not too picky I guess...
  7. KunoichiAddy
    Kuni- I hope to see Sweeney Todd soon. You know how I am about musicals, and my friend is crazy for Johnny Depp.

    Hmm.... Lucius and Snape. It's a good side pairing for me, but I prefer SSHP.
  8. westkitsune
    @synn-chan oh how your mom rocks! xD My dad had known I've liked HP for a long while so we always watch the movies when it comes out. I'm really planning to watch movie 6 and 7 on GPC (that's sort of one of the best kinds of cinemas) because well, Draco.. <3

    @blu-chan OH please do tell me when you've written it ♥ I'm craving a good LuciusxSnape right now xD I mean, I never even have a doujin of them >< Maybe you can even add HxD in the list? :3
  9. MorningStar
    Hey guys!! Just joined so thought I'd say hello!
    Hope i'm not the only one who found that the films did the books a rough treatment, especially PoA...
  10. Ygnol
    hey ppls joined today as you can see and thought that id say hi and yeah.....
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