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Harry Potter SLASH

  1. LeenaSkye
    I'm a Draco/Harry lover myself..I find it odd when Draco doesn't top. Twincest is good and Sirius/Lupin*nods*
  2. Dragoness_blade
    hmmm, i like Harry/Draco/Harry, well.. not really like, more like obsess about it XD
    i also love Snape/James, don't ask me why, because i barely know myself >w>
  3. jpuma
    I like Draco/Harry with Draco as top, cuz I can´t see Harry as top over Draco.
  4. kunitsu
    So how about we talk about the slahs moments in the movies.
    Man I remember watching HP movie 5. I really wanted to squeel but I had to stop myself. Good thing my friend was there, I grabbed her hand every time there was a yaoi moment so it help me to stop from squeeling
  5. wendrea
    Yay!!! Finally found HP slash club.. *jumps for joy*
    I love James/Sirius, Harry/Draco or the other way around,
    Twincest, Albus Severus P./ Scorpius M. and lots more... Too many to type it down-_-;;.
    Most of the time, i prefer Draco bottom And i adore Sirius ...
    That's it for now
  6. synnesai
    -peeks in-

    xD I'm incredibly new to the Harry Potter world....but I blame west for getting me into it xD -hugs west-
  7. Aamyra
    Uh oh.. Welcome to the world of Harry Potter, Synnnn! Hahahaha. Hopefully you'll accept HarryxDracoxHarry as well, instead of just HarryxDraco *looks at Westii pointedly*

  8. Aamyra
    Oh, sorry for the double posting you guys. I forgot to say HELLOOOO everyone! :3

    And thanks for the invitation, Kuni. x3
  9. KunoichiAddy
    Yay for HP slash! I pretty much like any male/Harry, hehehe... My favorite is Snape/Harry, though. Kuni, I didn't hold my friend's hand while spotting the slash moments in the HP5 movie, but I did cause here to laugh at me, as I'd giggle inappropriately.
  10. Finiz
    Ron/Draco is probably my HP OTP! XD And Remus/Sirius...or Sirius/any guy is pretty much awesome in my book...same with Ron/any guy. XD
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