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Harry Potter SLASH

  1. SessInu_Fangirl_101
    I would have to say that I am a big Draco/Harry shipper with Harry as the uke. My reasoning behind it is that Harry needs to be taken care of once in a while considering all the stuff he has gone through. I also tend to read quite a bit of creature fics with this pairing also.
  2. chickie4
    HarryxDraco and RemusxSeverus. Some pairings you just can't get enough of
  3. Nuha
    you are my soul sister *_*
    Snarry and Vollarry ???!!!
  4. misybee
    I know its boring and common but I dont know why I just adore Darry

    I've never met anyone who likes a Dumbledore couple and he's the actual gay character
  5. anime_miz
    Not sure if I ever wrote in this post before... but I reeeeally love Draco and Harry. At first I thought that i was fine with Harry being the top and vice versa.. but lately I reeeeeally enjoy reading stories where Draco is the possessive top and Harry the bottom, unwilling or not.

    I really am not a fan for Voldermort or Dumbledorre, so you wouldn't catch me reading it, but I think I got an acquaintance off mine into trying out Drarry. ^_^
  6. Maxwellsama
    My favourite pairing is Severus/Harry, but I like Draco/Harry too.
  7. Spellcaster
    My favorite slash pairing are TMR-LV/HP, Voldemort/Tom Riddle (yeah, it's selfcest! ), and Tom Riddle Sr./Tom Riddle Jr., I also have a soft spot for Grindeldore, Snarry, and Wolfstar (also James/Sirius)
  8. Mor7682
    Spellcaster you are a genious! XDD
    Where can I find all those wonderful of Voldemort/Tom Riddle slashes? ^^
  9. _dat_harry_
    my fav pairings are Severus/Harry and Severus/Harry/Lucius. *w*
    but also i like Fenrir/Draco.
  10. blackanime101
    Drarry!!!HarryXDraco and Snape Younger!X James Potter! and DumbledoreXGrindelwald don't ask why!
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