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Harry Potter SLASH

  1. Black_wind
    so...i just joined...
    i am HP fan since 10 years ago when i encountered first book...my HP obsession suddenly back now because i am re-reading the books(again for millionth time,duh) so i went to look for HP Aarin group and here it is

    My favourite pairing is Sirius x Remus...i hate what JKR did to my OTP D: (but i can live with it)
    Then i have kind of weird liking for Lucius x Sirius...(i have tends to pair my favourite characters even when it´t totally off XD)...and i have read some really nice fics about them.Believe it or not,they are really interesting pairing
    But we can´t let Remus to be alone,right?so i like him with Snape...Snupin,yay!XD
    Actually,i even like Lucius with Harry...Drarry is ok too
    oh,and what about Dumbledore and Grindelwald?...they were canon afterall...
    *insert another hundreds of possible pairings* I am really shameless when it comes to slashing characters

    But there is one pairing i absolutely fail to see happen...it´s Sirius with Severus,lol...
  2. mrsnott
    Yes, HP characters are so slashable!! My OTP is H/D but then again I also adore S/R! They are absolutely fantastic. Have you read SBP?? It's hilarious!
  3. Lil_Sakura
    I must say... Draco/Harry... Sirius/Remus... Sirius/James... Draco/Ron... and George/Fred/Harry... yes, tricest ftw xD (Harry being the uke of course)
  4. lovemeornot
    HarryxDraco is my number 1 pairing. I also like SeverusxRemus, though I see them switching top/bottom.
  5. Mor7682
    My love and master is Snape of course ^^ So I like him with Harry, who is my second love from the books and movies ^^
    But I also adore Lucius so I love Lucius/Snape, Lucius/Draco, Lucius/Harry
    But I will never ever accept Remus/Sirius!!
  6. MidnightEmber
    hmmm favourite pairings would be Voldemort/Harry, Severus/Harry or Lucius/Harry... though i don't mind Fenrir/Harry or Sirius/Remus ^.^
  7. noirkeller
    My favourites would have to be Sirius/Remus, and Draco/Harry. I like Sirius/James too OwO
  8. madam same
    madam same
    goodmorning ! my fav are drarry (they're sooo perfect together ) , but i like sirius/harry, ron/harry, sirius/james, sirius/remus too...yeah, i read thousands fanfics
  9. nekofreakz
    My fav is Snarry.. but a long time ago i love Harry/Draco XD
  10. silvermaiden
    Well the first HP slash fic that I read was Voldemort/Harry. But then I felt that was tooooo impossible. Voldemort killed his parents, so there's no way Harry would like him. And many of the stories is too OOC. So, I like Snarry now!!
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