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Fic Recs

  1. mrsnott
    So, browsing through the four forum topics, I realized there is no thread for Fic Recs... can you do this here. 'Cause it'd be great if that were possible.

    Anyway, my my fav pairings in this fandom are H/D and S/R. I have never been particularly interested in any other slash pairings in this fandom but yesterday, I stumbled upon a great fic. My surprise was that it was a Draco/Ron fic. And it was just so FANTASTIC I wanted to read more. The author, unfortunately, hasn't written much on that pairing, and I'm currently craving for the BEST Draco/Ron fic any of you has ever read. Preferrably not WIPs or exaggeratedly long fics.
  2. Mykk
    Have you heard of <u><strong>The Rise of the Drackens</strong></u>&nbsp;by Starlight Massacre? This is an AMAZING story with great plot, character development and fun scenes, if you know what I mean . It might not seem to be your cup of tea at first, but if you haven't yet, give it a shot; I think you'll rather like it~
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