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Top 4 Harry/Severus Fics

  1. bleakdesolation
    I saw the Draco/Harry one, and because that is not my favorite pairing I decided to make this one. So, come and post your top 4 favorite Severus/Harry fics! I only want the very best you have!

    1. Snape: The Home Fries Nazi by pir8fancier

    Summary~In the aftermath of Harry's defeat of Voldemort, all Death Eaters lose their magic. Snape decamps to the United States, where he works as a short order cook in a diner. Harry seeks him out to ask for advice.

    2. Parseltongue-Tied
  2. Mor7682
    Where can I fine this fics?
  3. bleakdesolation
    These two can be found at walkingtheplank.org

    Sorry about the 1 and 2 I fixed it in another post. I thought I was editing this one but it turns out that I guess I made another one. Sorry
  4. Quazar
    Ohhhh! Thanks for the recs! I'll be sure to try them out! I adore Harry/Severus!

    I've read a lot of good fics but the one that stands out the most is:

    The Marriage Stone by Josephine Darcy on Fanfiction.net

    This is just incredible! The storyline is extensive and I just love how the characters are portrayed and how Harry and Severus's relationship is developed. An excellent read!

    A warning though. It's not completed. It's still ongoing but well worth the time to follow.

    I'd also like to humbly reccomend my own Harry/Severus story: Cleansing on Fanfiction.net

    I have this story posted here on Aarin, the link is on my sig, but the one on FF is edited with more scenes.

    That's all I can think of right now.

    Harry and Severus! Kyahhhh!
  5. silvermaiden
    Whispers of Intent by tiranog (Whispers of Intent)

    The Spy Who Was Left Out in The Cold by grrgoyl (Discretion Advised: 18+ Content)

    Pains and Contradiction by atypicalsnowman (Pains and Contradictions Chapter 1: This Thing, Darkness, a Harry Potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net)

    I just adore fics where they describe Severus as a lonely and misunderstood man, and Harry is the first one to reach him
  6. darkcosmos363
    1. The Marriage Stone....absolutely love this fanfic and am extremely sad that it has not been finished.
    2. How Sev Spends His Summer Hols (very close to the Marriage Stone)
    3. The Return
    4. hmmmm......

    I really don't understand why I don't have a fourth fanfiction that I favor for Sev/Harry I do have more of these than I do Draco/Harry....by the way all of these are mpreg except the first one....I must be really obsessed with Harry mpreg/submissive because in all the crossovers I like mpreg and submissive is a major factor on how much I like the fanfic.

    Will be back later to update the last favorite fanfiction and maybe change the third.
  7. YumiNoodle
    Definitely pir8fancier's works - stuff like Home Fries Nazi, This Boy's Life; RaeWhit's - The Sensible Garden, Throwaways, Anglesey, Joyride...
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