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~At last the Half-Blood Prince came out!~

  1. FuDSiokA
    How do you feel about this?
  2. ahgreg
    Seeing as the movie has just come out, therefore not everyone has watched it yet, kindly do not post any spoilers.
  3. Azn-greentea_lover
    i won't spoil anything but for those who have yet to see it need to... like.. NOW. LOL

    it'd didn't hit $22.2 million for its midnight screening for nothing! =DDDD

    *melts* IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!! *tears*
  4. FakeFlower101
    This didn't really need it's own discussion...but...

    I'm going to see it tomorrow
  5. Mauw
    Yay! ive seen it yesterday and it was epicness XD still the book had more explanation and stuff XD but what can be better then reading it and then seeing it >=]
    btw hello's XD
  6. FuDSiokA
    well generally i didn't like it but it's poooootter,so definately it'll be soon in my film library)))the finest thing is that there's a lot of Draco in this part, and the music was great again,but...in some parts it was illogical,sometimes Harry acted like an idiot(sorrrryyyy) and the thing i'll never Yates forgive for is...ok,i won't dissappoint those who hasn't seen yet
    imho, as a film it's nice, but as a screen version of a madam Ro book it #_)$&@* isn't nice...jeez,my eyes full of tears, why couldn't film be better
  7. CrazyILady
    Is it just my opinion or did Harry look more than a little drunk after he took the luck potion? And the thing with the spider pinchers...
  8. noirkeller
    I honestly didn't really like the film :I After the fourth one, they all kind of started to suck. The graphics are great, but they take so much out of the films now that it's like a big gap of stuff missing =A=

  9. Mor7682
    noirkeller I totaly agree with you!
    Till the forth movie the movies were realy good, except the third which was pointless.
    But the fifth and sixth were realy bad.
    I can only hope that the 2 parts of the seventh will be at least decent...
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