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TnC card submission

  1. Miyu
    So, Succy and I opened this group wanting to gather people who are interested in submitting more Togainu no Chi cards^^

    Since both of us don't have enough points to do it ourselves, we need financers willing to help out. Of course, the people who donate the most pts, if they want, will be credited as submitters in the iShop. Though you can always be a silent sponzor, it doesn't matter, at least to us.

    As for now, we have these cards in the shop:

    Level 1: Akira, Keisuke
    Level 2: Shiki
    Level 6: Gunji
    Level 9: Shiki

    Our first suggestion for the submission is Nano, at least a L4 card.

    Everyone interested, say here, including suggestions or whatever else you want to say^^

    As for the minimum points donation, Succy and I decided it should be 100 000 points. No max will be defined for now.
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